Labor Endorsed. DFL Progressive Values.

Congressman Keith Ellison endorses Matt, commenting that “Matt has taken on corporate interests, prosecuted white-collar criminals, and stood against photo ID. He introduced the first bill ever in the legislature for marriage equality in 1995. He brings a valuable progressive voice to the discussion about the future of our state.” See more of Matt's progressive supporters

Matt has a long career championing progressive policies.

As a prosecutor, Matt put corporate criminals in jail and took on corporate interests, as a state legislator as the chief author of the bill creating a "Do Not Call" list to stop telemarketers.

Matt believes the State Auditor should do more than just balance the books by also protecting pensions, uncovering embezzlement and fraud, ending local giveaways for large corporations, and taking on issues like school funding and its effect on Minnesota's achievement gap.

The Facts.

Progressive Leader

Matt led the fight against Voter ID legislation and supported marriage equality - long before its passage into law - and stood up for Minnesotans by putting corporate criminals in jail as a Hennepin County prosecutor. As a legislator, Entenza was the Chief Author of the bill creating a “Do Not Call” list to stop telemarketers. Matt was elected House DFL Leader and helped bring the DFL back into the majority.


Matt’s running for State Auditor because we need to do more than just balance the books. We need an Auditor fighting to protect pensions that are under attack, and who will go after corporate giveaways at the local level. We need an Auditor who will scrutinize education spending and school budgets, focusing on why Minnesota schools have such a wide achievement gap.

DFL Values

Matt's life has been one of giving back to his community - staying true to values he learned growing up in Worthington, MN and making the most of opportunities he had because of the progressive values of Minnesota. Matt has a long career championing progressive policies as a state legislator and as founder of the Minnesota think-tank, Minnesota 2020.